Since 1994, Mr. Ismail Sirdah has operated his own entertainment promotions company, which has grown to be one of the leading firms in the industry in the southeast. Lulu Promotions and Music has successfully backed concerts and events in various musical and artistic genres, most notably Hispanic or Latin. Mr. Ismail Sirdah himself thrives in the enrichment of cultures by being able to enjoy different ones. He credits this to living in a city that is considered as the melting pot of cultures.

Mr. Sirdah finished high school in Amman, Jordan in 1981. He completed an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering at Intermediate University College in Amman, Jordan in 1983. Mr. Sirdah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH in 1987. He’s been self-employed for two decades, running businesses in the promotions (Lulu Promotions and Music) and restaurant (El Matador Restaurant) industries.

Ismail Sirdah maintains a strong presence in the local community. He has been able to achieve this by supporting local schools through being a spirit night partner and donating to and supporting events, scholarships and playground construction. During his free time, Mr. Sirdah productively spends whatever time he gets to personally enjoy with his family and children. He supports them at sports. Ismail also helps them with school work. He is a down-to-earth dedicated family man who loves reading as well as watching professional soccer games.

Ismail Sirdah enjoys volunteering and donating to the local schools and events in his community. He does this as a way of giving back for the blessings he has been given, aside from being a strong part of the community, as a whole. Mr. Sirdah donates to the Red Cross and UNICEF, which are his favorite charitable organizations. He is thankful for his ability to run his businesses, which has helped him give back via people in need